Choice of Rewards

Choice of Rewards

RewardCo's choice of rewards

RewardCo offers a wide variety of incentives and gift items for you to use when implementing your customer rewards program or employee recognition programs. Using the point-based rewards management system, you can assign the point values to each gift, allowing your staff members and customers to select and redeem one that they prefer. Here are some of the details and suggestions that you might choose to consider when setting up your rewards management system.

Choice of Rewards

The first decision to be made is if you wish to list the same gifts for your customers and employees. Many organizations are offering different items for each recipient while maintaining the same categories on both sides.

Keeping in mind that the choice of rewards reflects the significance placed on the redeemer, many corporations are opting to offer higher priced items for employee rewards than those offered to clients. But it is important that quality items are included at every point level. Offering “junk” rewards to employees does little to bolster their reason to participate.

Reward items offered to customers need to span a wide variety including experiences, tangibles and luxury items. The redemption points should not be so high that they are difficult for your clients to achieve. With over 4,000 gift items, we are in a position to work with you to offer a variety from the least to most expensive.

Gift Ideas for Clients

The tried and true gift certificates and discount cards has gone the way of the dinosaur lately. One purpose of the customer rewards program is to encourage loyalty, and unique gifts are much more tempting for repeat purchases than those that are found everywhere else. Here are some customer gift ideas that are worth considering:

Least expensive list:

  • Gag items
  • Selfie Apps are one of the latest fun and inexpensive gift items that clients enjoy
  • “Best Wishes” keys that clients send to friends
  • Unique collections of magnets, key chains, letter openers or picture frames

Middle of the Price Points:

  • Gift of the month items such as food baskets or beauty boxes where the client receives chocolates, fresh fruit, seasonal items, beauty items for women or high quality socks or ties for men
  • Health food subscription services that allow the client to select seasonal products at their leisure
  • Items for pets such as diamond collars, pet beds that sit off the floor or even treat baskets
  • Electronic items such as outdoor wireless speakers, virtual keyboards, car mount phone holders and electronic toys and games for every age
  • Outdoor and gardening items – bungee chairs, wood storage racks, grill tables and covers
  • Household items – towel warmers, massage chairs

Luxury Items – Highest Price Points:

  • Caviar tastings
  • Box of expensive cigars
  • Gliding plane or Hand gliding excursion
  • Bathhouse experience in Japan
  • Driving a professional race car
  • Taking a flight in a Russian Mig
  • Chef lessons and tastings
  • Unique Instruments and lessons – bagpipe lessons is popular
  • Outfit designed for client, high quality tailored suit
  • Fencing or Polo lessons or equipment

And, don’t forget the presents for clients that are special to the growth of your company. Perhaps, sending gifts for the top five customers with the highest referrals for the quarter or year, accompanied by a personal “thank you” note with the gift. RewardCo enjoys working with you to present ideas and customize your gift rewards center. With RewardCo's rewards management system, you can track the items that your clients and employees choose and refresh your offerings accordingly.

We will setup an online management system designed exclusively to compliment your business using your company's logo and prefered colors. All plans include these basic features. See what your program will look like.