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A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ can increase morale and loyalty

The way to do that successfully is to offer incentives and gifts through a reward program

Recognition and the expression of gratitude can go a long way to building relationships with both employees and customers. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ can increase morale and engender loyalty. The way to do that successfully is to offer incentives and gifts through a comprehensive reward program.

RewardCo specializes in corporate incentive solutions that are suitable for both the employees who contribute to your company’s success and loyal customers. Because we understand that incentive programs make everyone successful, we have created packages that are accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries. We can help you improve employee retention as well as customer acquisition by maximising recognition, loyalty, and performance.

RewardsCo has a robust team including a software engineer with savant-like programming skills and who is also a co-founder of Ezimerchant, a multi award-winning Marketing Advisor who has worked with various brands including Cepacol and Nutella, and a financial director who is a co-founder of the Seeds of Africa Fund and is proficient in US and Australian markets. Our organization is led by our founder, Chidi Okechukwu, who has spent more than 20 years in media, publishing, and web development.

Mr Okechukwu has worked with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Banking Corporation, ANZ Bank and RaboBank throughout his career. Not only does the RewardCo team have a working knowledge of gifting within the corporate space, they also hold degrees in the

marketing, computer science, applied finance and business fields from universities all over the world. This real world knowledge and education combines to create a strong foundation for this endeavor.

Businesses are very different in how they interact with their customers and employees today and for those that regularly recognize them, they are farther along in securing valued relationships.

RewardCo has been customizing corporate gifting plans since 2012. The points the employees earn can be redeemed for items from the online catalog. Our scalable model allows you to add and remove employees and choose gifting options at will. For our simplest plans, provide your logo and colour schemes and leave the rest to us. Once your platform is ready, your staff can start earning points and reaping the rewards.

The plan works in a similar manner for your customers. RewardCo handles all packing and shipping needs so, once you select items that your customer base is able to choose from, we will handle the rest. RewardCo has revolutionized the way that companies provide incentives to their employees and customers.

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Our solutions

Customer loyalty is extremely important for any business, regardless of what it provides. Not enticing customers back to your company will have a dramatic effect on your sales, and even on how successful the acquisition of new customers can be. One of the best ways to improve customer loyalty is through reward programs like the ones we offer at RewardCo and there are a range of options to choose from.

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One of the best ways to increase customer acquisition is through word of mouth, and referral programs are the best way to take advantage of that. In fact, referral programs are a great way to increase your customer base. Here at RewardCo, we offer a range of services that will allow you to develop perfect referral programs for your company.

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Recognition is a powerful tool. Creating job satisfaction will leave your employees feeling appreciated, and in turn, they are more likely to work harder, more efficiently, and produce better results. Moreover, your stellar staff are less likely to leave, meaning that you can retain your great employees and reduce the costs of staff-turnover.

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Scores of businesses around the world utilise RewardCo's Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tool to designate where more motivation is needed and what type of behaviors can be integrated into their reward program. This tool will motivate your employees to be more productive, engage with company missions, goals and strategies, Improve the company culture, participate in meeting the company’s overall goals and many more...

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For businesses who send corporate gifts on different occasions, from marriage ceremonies to when corporate or business meetings are arranged, just to mention a few, RewardCo's Gifting Management program is for you. Eliminate the risk of sending duplicate gifts to the same recipient. All our products are hand selected and carefully packed for best impact, presentation and shipping. Talk to us today!

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How we help your business
The RewardCo system helps your business in over 7 ways
You will improve your overall Sales, Profit and Staff Morale significantly

Better lead generation

Better sales conversion rates

Better retention rates

Better transaction frequency, business flow and referral rates

Better average sale values

Better cash flow

Reduce expenses and increase profits

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What clients are saying
  • Excellent programme for increasing client 'stickiness' through loyalty
    and rewards. Doubles as a great Staff Motivator.
    Steve Woods
  • Successfully integrated RewardCo's platform to our online ordering system and seeing benefits of rewarding clients for their continuous business.
    Rahul Bhagarva
    Swift Rewards
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We have been customizing
corporate gifting plans since 2012.
We can help you improve employee
retention as well as customer
acquisition by maximising recognition,
loyalty, and performance.
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