Employee rewards

Employee Rewards

RewardCo's reward program for employees

The most challenging task for any company with more than one employee is to get the majority of the staff believing in the values and mission of the organization. Getting them to alter their behavior to meet business initiatives that are usually foreign to their individual positions requires employee involvement. Nearly all enterprises agree that employee reward and recognition programs do alter the way in which staff members perform.

An Employee Rewards Program is no longer a reward for sticking it out for 10 – 15- 20 years. When it comes to impacting and modifying behavior, employees appreciate being recognized by their peers much more than by leadership. As a matter of fact, research shows that the three most effective incentive programs are

  • peer-to-peer
  • employee-to-manager and
  • manager-to-employee

Making recognition a frequent, even spontaneous occurrences instigate others to follow the examples of star performers.

Employee Rewards are akin to getting a hug from fellow workers. Points-reward management systems allow employees, managers and upper leadership to gift points instantly to a peer who handled a tough situation in an especially positive manner. As employees will attest, no one knows their coworkers' job better than those who actually do it routinely.

RewardCo understands how important it is to the well-being of the enterprise to recognize and reward employees for jobs well done, especially when they least expect it. By offering a customizable management system, awards of points to employees could be made available to customers who have had an especially pleasant experience due to one employee’s effort.

We will setup an online management system designed exclusively to compliment your business using your company's logo and prefered colors. All plans include these basic features. See what your program will look like.