Frequently Asked Questions - Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Usage

Simply put: RewardCo offers a points-based rewards management system that is delivered online so companies can reward their customers or employees. Click here to learn more.

You determine how you would like to reward your employees/customers, we will provide you with an online points-based rewards management system that will allow you add members, award points, modify an individual member's points, view redemption reports, just to mention a few, but above all, allow members redeem their choice of rewards from our wide selection of gift items with ease. We manage the gift catalogue and shipping for you. Click here to learn more.

Because your customers are at the heart of your business - they buy your products and services and help your business grow, it is only wise to reward them. Your employees need motivation to keep those sales coming in. They need to be retained, recognized for superb performances, productivity, and satisfied working for you. But how can they be rewarded?

That is where RewardCo takes away your worries. Our solution will help you with an online management system where they can redeem gift items based on points awarded to them. These rewards keep them doing more for your organization.

Once you're logged in, go to "Members" section on your Dashboard -> Select a member you wish to award points -> At the bottom section of the page, you should see "Add Points" -> Specify the number of points you wish to add -> and click save. That's it.

Yes. Our system allows you add dozens of members at once.

We also provide ongoing support, points assignment and program management.

RewardCo will send you email notifications whenever points are redeemed.

Yes. You can view these notifications in your dashboard when logged in. RewardCo will also notify you by email whenever points are redeemed.

Yes. Our live reporting system allows you track redeemed products weekly, monthly, and yearly.